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Meet Laura Parker

I am excited to introduce you to Abstract Road, Rugs & Design.

My dream to take my original, contemporary designs to rugs, is now a reality! I have seen it in my mind, as a visual fine artist, for many years.

Today, I form relationships with rug makers and software developers, based out of Nepal. They are highly skilled for many generations in the art of making custom, handmade rugs, from start to finish.

My love for travel also takes me to Nepal, to see the entire process, up close and personal. I join in alliance with GoodWeave out of Washington, DC, to ensure the rugs are made by paid and well-treated workers. A percentage of my proceeds go back into this foundation, to help with teaching and rehabilitation of children who have been victims of free child labor, abandonment, and abuse.

I produce custom designs and sizes, to meet your preferred color and shape desires for your home or office. To start, the line designs will reflect the four Seasons. As an artist I am always working with nature’s color shifts and changes.

It’s exciting, innovative, and available to you from wherever you are in the world!

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