//The Edge of the World, Coming to Life (Continued)

The Edge of the World, Coming to Life (Continued)

At Ujwal Carpets they are working hard to complete “The Edge of the World”, my first custom rug from the original mixed media piece. This is the couple who are working together on this very intricate and involved design. The process of weaving on the loom is fascinating for me, a true work of art. Each stitch, each color, all woven by hand. Artist hands.

I am new to this process. The rug business is all new and so I am learning and reading about the history of rug making. Several countries that had differing symbols and patterns, to identify their clans and way of life. Fascinating history!

I am finding it is okay to be new to a business and learning a new trade. As an artist, I have always set my course to look further, reach further, and challenge myself. I learned this from my master painting teacher, Chery Baird, out of Atlanta, Georgia, my home town. She taught me to look deeper, stretch further, learn the true science of the modern design process as a painter. Contemporary, non-objective art is indeed a process that takes much time, thought, trial and error, and can sometimes bring on a big headache!

Life is busy, life is unpredictable, change is certain, but I choose to live it with passion and excitement and ask myself, “So what’s next!” I invite you to do the same!

Thank you kindly for following the progress and development of Abstract Road, Rugs & Design.

Laura Parker, Owner/Designer
Abstract Road, Rugs & Design.

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