//The Edge of the World… Off the Loom!

The Edge of the World… Off the Loom!

April has been a busy month; Spring is here with lots of happenings on the Georgia Coast, and of course, the warm weather is quickly coming!

Ujwal Carpets has just sent photos of the first rug in process off the loom, then going through the washing process. It’s very fascinating to watch in person, and the pictures show the process, step by step.

I visited the High Point Mart in High Point, NC, the first of April. I met so many knowledgeable rug makers and rug historians. They were enthusiastic and more than willing to share the history and making of their rugs. I also enjoyed learning about their unique cultures. I fell in love with a newly launched design by Asia Minor Carpets, originating from Istanbul, Turkey. It is a family business of over 30 years. I sat back and took it in, savoring the beauty and work involved in making those custom rugs by hand and loom.

I was hoping to see Michael Christie, Editor of Rug Insider Magazine, but missed him this show. I was able to get a current copy of Rug Insider, which had much information and editorial discussion about the state of the ever-changing rug industry.

The end of this April takes me to Atlanta, Georgia, my city of birth, to visit some modern designers and introduce them to Abstract Road and share the designs. I love building and making new relationships, especially with people who are passionate about their craft and take pride in their art form and work.

My vision continues…to share and exchange with other artists/designers on an international level, to preserve the integrity of making art and making rugs, and to find understanding of one another and different cultures through art.

And lastly, to keep taking my designs to rugs!

Peace, Love, and Understanding!

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